One of the things that is missing on the Google Pixel 4 is 4K video recorded at 60 frames per second and while very few people actually ‘need’ it it would be a nice option to have. Unfortunately the way Google has decided to implement their dual lens system makes 4K60 impossible without some tweaking to Google’s app.

Some sleuthing by XDA’s Editor in Chief, Mishaal Rahman, has uncovered the reason why 4K60 is not support but also gives hope that it may be supported by a third party Google camera app port.

At first he tried to add the 4K60 profile as a supported media profile in /vendor/etc/media_profiles.xml which adds the 4K60 option to the Gcam app (a modded Google camera app. The problem is that when recording on this setting the frames per second “fails to exceed 38”.

Mishaal then found out from a GCam modder that the Pixel 4 will use/connect to both cameras in ALL modes. He suspects that this use of both lenses in all modes is to allow for more seamless switching between the lenses when zooming. With both lenses in action at once apparently the image signal processor on the Snapdragon 855 cannot handle recording 4K60 on the main lens and 1080P60 on the secondary lens — makes you wonder why the Pixel Neural Core cannot be used to handle this.

After a few calculations Mishaal came to the conclusion that it IS possible to record at 4K60 on the Pixel 4 but not the way Google have set it up. IF some clever developer found a way to turn off the secondary camera while recording video, most likely using Gcam (the Google camera port) you should be able to record at 4K60.

At this stage this is all theoretical but you can be sure that the folks over at XDA are working on a fix. While Google may have built the Pixel 4 for the 80% the folks at XDA are slowly turning it into a phone for the 90+% (you can’t please everyone). It’s just a pity they have had to do it themselves.

Source: Mishaal Rahman.
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Max Luong

From what I’ve read, Open Camera can do it.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the IMX363 which is the main shooter of the pixel Caps out at 4k30 has nothing to do with the SoC or Google’s decision making, but rather Sony’s decision not to update their own dual pixel sensors for years…


Not sure I understand why it can’t work , but what if you loaded another camera app like open camera ?
Would you get the same result ?