This leak comes straight from Motorola itself, with the GM of Lenovo mobile business in China – Jin Ge – sharing real images of the upcoming Motorola RAZR and its packaging, which has now entered mass production ahead of launch later this month (and a bit later still elsewhere).

As you can see in our pictures, below, the Moto RAZR will come with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage (which we kind of knew from our earlier exclusive hands on), and it’s going to come in a visually appealing triangular box. The transparent plastic cover at the top – shown above – has the Moto logo on it and slopes away to the front for extra fancy.

In a time where smartphone cases have become rather dull, black boxes with little flair at all, this case from Moto is sure to be an eye catcher.

Internally, the Moto RAZR will feature a super-mid range Snapdragon 710 processor and the latest version of Android’s operating system. It’s waterproof, more durable than other folding designs, and – perhaps a little sadly – it won’t be cheap at a $US 1499 launch price.

Alongside the external quick-view display (a 2.7-inch convenience display to see notifications and phone status), there’s a 6.2-inch folding display inside with a resolution of 2,142 x 876, and a 2,510 mAh battery capacity which should – with the more frugal processing inclusions – easily last a full day (and potentially a bit more).

While the Moto RAZR appears to have been delayed in some other markets, we understand the Moto RAZR will launch in Australia later this month, but we don’t know when we’ll see retail availability after that.

We should know more later this month when the local launch nears!

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How do you know it’s launching “later this month” in Australia. The first market is the US and it’s been delayed indefinitely. Making things up doesn’t exactly help your credibility…

Scott Plowman

Eric, this information is not “made up”. We have been told by moto this timeframe — this was a couple of months ago they told us but it is the best information we have (from the horse’s mouth) to go off.


The box design was already described including acting as a passive speaker amplifier and presentation stand in an Unbox Therapy video last year