Last night Vivo unveiled their 2020 concept phone and as per usual they didn’t leave any wanting — except to be able to buy one.

Vivo concept phones have been innovative in every sense of the word and have for years. This year is no exception with the Apex 2020.

The display on the phone is a 6.45-inch 1080P curved waterfall AMOLED display that wraps 120 degrees around the device meaning of course, no buttons. Instead of volume and power buttons the phone has only a pressure sensitive power button and no volume buttons at all — most likely software enabled.

The display also does not have a notch or hole punch. Instead the selfie camera is located underneath the display. Innovation number one. We have seen it in other phones but nothing of this note and nothing that may just make it to market.

The 16MP in-display selfie camera works due to Vivo managing to increase the light transmittance of that portion of the display six-fold. If you are worried about the image quality Vivo are using algorithmic optimisations to improve the image quality to make up for the display being over the top of the camera. There is also a photobomb removal software — get rid of everyone else from your selfie, well isn’t that spoiling all the fun?

The rear of the device houses an innovative rear camera, as you would expect. The camera module incorporates a stable gimbal structure for the 48MP main lens. The gimbal structure allows for a 200% increase in performance over traditional image stabilisation systems in other smartphones. There is also a 16MP lens capable of continuous zoom up to 7.5x thanks to moving lens elements and the module itself is just 6.2mm thick.

The lack of ports does not pose a problem for charging the device with it supporting a massive 60W wireless charging — it can charge a 2,000mAh battery in just 20 minutes. That battery is a bit small if that is the phone battery size but the actual battery size is unknown at this stage.

Inside it has all the usual high end specs — a Snapdragon 865 CPU with 5G support, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The phone is running Android 10 and somehow comes in black and white.

As you would expect this phone is not available commercially but in the past bits and pieces of their concept phones have made it to market. Let’s hope we see a lot of them soon, after all, who doesn’t want all this (except for a 2,000mAh battery) in their next smartphone?