We have seen some unofficial renders of the upcoming Google Pixel 5 leak and with Google’s Made By Google 2020 event next week we expected to see a lot more. Overnight more renders and details have leaked revealing mid-range specs in a premium body.

Winfuture has managed to get their hands on the “official technical data” of the Pixel 5 and as expected it will be a premium mid range phone. As we already know, the Pixel 5 will support 5G but now we know that it will arrive with a 6.0-inch flexible OLED display of 1080P resolution — very surprising given they were one of the first manufacturers to arrive with a 2K display so it is a big step backwards. The display will be in a 19.5:9 display ratio and will support 90Hz refresh rate.

The display looks to be a flat display with a punch hold selfie camera — no Motion Sense here — and unlike just about every other mid range and premium smart phone available will not have the fingerprint sensor under the display. Instead, as we have seen in earlier leaks, it will have the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device.

We already “know” that the Pixel 5 will be housing a Snapdragon 765G chipset with a directly integrated 5G modem. Alongside the chipset will be 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage.

Camera-wise the Pixel 5 will still house a dual lens system but you can be sure the software will be better. The rear dual lens camera system will contain a 12.2MP Sony lens with dual-pixel phase detection autofocus with physical and electronic image stabilisation.

The second rear lens will be a wide-angled (107 degrees) lens with 16MP resolution. In the punch hole at the front Google are including an 8MP lens with an 83 degree field of view.

The 4,080mAh battery will be charged at a maximum of 18W with wireless and reverse-wireless charging included. Other features include a spectral and flicker sensor, two stereo speakers, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and will support eSIM.

The body will be covered in glass and aluminium and will be IP68 certified making it waterproof and dustproof. The Pixel 5 is also expected to arrive in the colours green and black. Of course expect many software features yet to be announced to arrive alongside the Pixel 5.

The hardware on the Pixel 5 though is decidedly mid-range so we expect the price to match. Do you think Google have given up in the ultra-premium range or have they just put that and their Motion Sense developments on the backburner while 2020 is as 2020 is?

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“6.0-inch flexible OLED display of 1080P resolution”

Any idea why its a flexible display? That seems a bit strange to put in a non-flexible device.


I wouldn’t like to try and predict where Google heads with their phones Scott , they don’t seem to follow plans, they seem to have more of spin the bottle type logic 😁. However if they stay the path with not making big changes, no dumb gimmicks and make refined practical models like the current direction ( rear finger print sensor is fine) but with a flagship chipset and a larger screened model it might be a good move I think. I would love to see another Nexus 6p style device but with the high end chipset in it SD… Read more »


Size matters.
I have been looking to get back into the Pixel range, but they never seem to release a Galaxy size equivalent.
If there is an XL variant at least 6.7″ I would get one, but alas I doubt this will happen


Completely agree. With a larger screen and decent battery this would have been my next phone.


Your final question implies Google has a strategy here at all, which given their haphazard product development seems questionable. Having said that, maybe they are attempting to demonstrate that really great phones can be had without paying premium prices, which is more in keeping with the Nexus origins? There are more sales, and likely greater overall profits, to be had in the mid range. I’m very interested in this device.


I’m so confused with this lineup. Nothing in the pixel 5 seems to warrant the price hike from the 4a or 4a-5g. Aud$1k for the p5 is hardly mid range pricing, or am I just a Luddite who is no longer with the times?


I don’t think Google has a plan. Or if they do, it gets thrown out and a new one is made up pretty much every year.

I do like the sound of this device rhough