When I first read the OPPO Find X3 Pro’s specs and saw 3MP Microlens I thought it was a typo and they meant a probably boring standard macro lens. I was wrong.

It really is a 3MP microscope lens camera, with f/3.0 aperture and 60x magnification compared to the standard view main camera.

OPPO have even included a ring flash around the Microlens because if your camera is millimetres from what you’re taking photos of then you need more light.

To the best of my knowledge this is the closest any macro/micro lens on a smartphone has ever been able to get to a photography subject.

Here’s an example from OPPO showing a normal shot of seaweed and then an amazing Microlens closeup.

Some lucky phone reviewers overseas have already got review units of the Find X3 Pro and they’ve taken some great shots with the Microlens.

We’ll be sure to try it out extensively ourselves once Australian review units of the Find X3 Pro become available.

For the Find X4 Pro hopefully OPPO keeps the Microlens and increases the resolution from 3MP to allow taking larger photos.

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It’s a cool feature , but not sure how much use it would get other than to show off the cool feature