Last year we saw the move from Facebook to allow users to export their photos, now this is being taken a step further. The expansion of the data export tool now includes users posts and notes. The tool can be linked to services like Google Docs, Blogger and WordPress, although it’s worth noting the permissions required for this are extensive.

In their news post, Facebook notes the reasons for the expansion and security considerations in the move:

Facebook posts and notes. People can now directly transfer their notes and posts to Google Docs, Blogger and These updates extend the reach of the tool that already enables people to transfer their photos and videos to Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Photos and Koofr. To better reflect the range of data types people can now transfer to our partners’ services, we’re renaming the tool “Transfer Your Information.”

We designed this tool with privacy, security and utility in mind. We’ll ask you to re-enter your password before the transfer starts and encrypt your data as it moves between services, so you can be confident it will be transferred securely.

There are a range of reasons that users may wish for a copy of their data to be kept outside of the Facebook platform from photo backups, records of times gone by to getting ready to abandon the social platform. Whatever the reason, if you’re going to take it up be aware it could take some time and chew some data on your chosen destination platform.