In a continued expansion of devices in the Australian market, OPPO has launched the Pad Air. Aimed at the casual consumer market, the tablet costs $379.00 and the smart cover a further $79.00 RRP. Looking past the cost, the aesthetics are slick and true to OPPO stylings.

We’ve previously spoken to OPPO Australia Managing Director, Michael Tran about OPPO evolving from a value offering to a true market leader. At the launch of the Pad Air he said:

As a business we’ve been working really hard to develop an ecosystem of products that our consumers would love. Our tablet has been in development for some time now, but we wanted to ensure the product was perfect before bringing it to market. We’re confident we’ve achieved that.

Not only does the Pad Air look great, the performance, and in particular the ColorOS operating system, means consumers can enjoy a seamless user experience.

The design elements of the Pad Air have been considered not just for functionality, feel and comfort, but to be visually pleasing too. The rear panel is finished with a material that helps prevent fingerprints while offering the user better grip. This is all while maintaining a thin and light feel of 440g and 6.94mm “thin”.

Of course, being an OPPO device, the Pad Air runs on ColorOS making it comfortable and familiar to all who’ve used recent generation OPPO devices. Being able to hand off tasks and files through the multi-display setup, as a drag and drop option is a big bonus too.

The specs that matter

So it looks pretty slick and has ColorOS, what about the specs?

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 680
  • 10.36-inch 2K HD display
  • A four speaker, Dolby Atmos sound setup
  • 7,100 mAh battery giving users a full day of activities

The Pad Air will be available from the 27th of October at all of the big-name retailers. As an early promotion, the tablet and case will be available for $458.00 (until Nov 24th) or as a gift with purchase of an OPPO Find X5 Pro or Find X5 phone.

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I think the specs that matter are RAM and storage and neither are mentioned anywhere in the article.


A certain company sells a product named the iPad Air, Oppo has started selling one called the Pad Air.
I can see legal woes for Oppo over trademark infringement.


Great product but until Oppo improve their OS/Security update record, their products will always be considered inferior.


This Oppo is a useless product, actually, Sujayv.
It has absolutely no mobile phone connectivity or capability. It is strictly WiFi only.


All my Android tablets have been/are phones, Phil. That goes right back to the first Android tablet I got, a 3G Telstra T-Touch Tab (a Telstra rebadged entry level Huawei) back in Sept 2011. It means I have data access as well as phone service access, wherever I am.
A tablet that is not a phone, would mean I’d have to waste money on a phone, to use as a phone and as a hotspot for a crippled by design tablet like the Oppo.