Secure Shell (or SSH) is a tool that many people might not use, but for a good number of people out there who need access to SSH, this extension will be either a bit of curiosity or in my case, a tool used daily.

The Secure Shell extension is like most other SSH clients — you log into a server with your username and password and can complete all of the necessary functions you need to. You can save servers or machines that you access on a regular basis with single click logins, or for the more security conscious, just your username so that you’ll be prompted with a password input to connect.

This extension is extremely useful because it is inside a browser — want to open another SSH session? Simply open another tab with the extension running.

While there’s a strong Unix back-end to Chrome OS it’s not something you can easily gain access to, nor can you do so without doing some hacking to start with, and a lot of users will not be comfortable with that.

This extension allows you to access your remote servers without having to make these kind of changes to your Chrome device, meaning it’ll be easier for more people to access.

DEPRECATED Secure Shell App
DEPRECATED Secure Shell App
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Source: Chrome Store.