ADB on ChromeOS
Google has been making their two operating systems a little more interactive, ChromeOS and Android have seen a number of features recently which have made using the two a little more easy. MTP Support and of course Android apps on Chrome are but two, but development of Android apps on ChromeOS has been a little behind, but maybe not for long. A new update to an old issue on the Chrome bug tracker, shows that Chrome devs are looking at adding Fastboot and ADB to ChromeOS images.

The plan to add these development focused tools to ChromeOS are associated with the Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC) which enables Android apps to run on ChromeOS. The plan is apparently to have the ADB server running in the CROSH shell, something which would work quite well for developers already using the terminal.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s already a working concept with developer Koush already delivering a working ADB server via a Chrome Extension through the Chrome Web Store.

There doesn’t appear to be a date for the implementation as is the usual case for Chrome development, but we hope it will be soon.

Source: Chrome Issue Tracker.
Via: OMG Chrome.
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