Google Chrome OS
Google has just begun pushing an up date to the ChromeOS Stable channel, which brings with it a number of new features, but headlining them is the ability to now take remote control of a Chromebook.

Chrome’s Remote Desktop function is a dream come true for IT support workers, allowing fast and easy access to view and interact with PC’s running Chrome. The ability to access ChromeOS though has been sadly lacking so far, however with the update to version 41.0.2272.76 (Platform version: 6680.58.0) you can now use the feature to provide tech support or just remote support to Chromebook users.

This feature makes the decision to supply a Chromebook to a less than tech savvy person an easy one. Chromebooks can be powerwashed in minutes for a fresh new start and the inherent security of ChromeOS means most users will most likely never encounter malware again.

As well as Chrome Remote Desktop support for Chrome OS devices, there’s some other features released in this update, including:

  • Improved Wi-Fi stability on some Chromebooks.
  • Guest mode wallpaper has been updated to Material Design.
  • Remote Assistance to Chrome OS devices available via Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Some devices have been updated to the new freon graphics stack, which will provide performance improvements down the line.
  • Your Chromebook or Chromebox should automatically download and apply the latest update, and if you encounter any issues ensure you file a bug report.

    Source: Chrome.