Accessory Review: Official Nexus 10 cover

From the moment I bought my Nexus 10 I have loved the way it felt in my hands. The weight of it, the textures, but most importantly is how thin the device is. Using this device everyday though and carrying it in my bag with other items was a bit of a worry and I had to find a way to protect my investment. This is where the fun began. My first choice was a cheap reversible neoprene sleeve. It kept my device protected while I was travelling but allowed me to use the device naked so it felt... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Tablet Z (16GB Wifi) — Review

Sony have a great name, but is the Xperia Tablet Z a great product? There’s some serious competition when it comes to 10 inch tablets currently, both in the budget conscious as well as the performance devices. Sony by way of their price tag have suggested that the Xperia Tablet Z is firmly entrenched in the latter. When looking at the 10 inch tablets, the clear and obvious head of the pack is the Apple iPad; it’s been around the longest and has somewhat of a stranglehold on the market segment. The Nexus 10 is very popular in terms... Continue reading

Accessory Review: DroidAX Kratos and Barrier

It seems realistic that you can judge a phone's market penetration by the number of accessories available for it. As you move around any shopping centre, you'll find a couple of "mobile phone accessories" stores that will sell you any number of cute, cuddly, wacky or fun iPhone cases with any number of party piece special feature attached. This level of ubiquity is only achieved by a few Android devices - with a larger variety in the market, it's harder to offer something for everyone, and it's only in the latter half of 2012 that we started to see... Continue reading

More details about the HTC One Mini leak out

We all know that HTC are going to release a lower-end version of the HTC One sometime soon. Firstly, because releasing lots of phones is what HTC does; and secondly because they've told us. As we (presumably) get closer to the release date of the M4, or One Mini as it's apparently now called, we're starting to see more and more information leak out about the device. Engadget are claiming to have a 'trusted source' with access to the One Mini, and they've received the... Continue reading

Vodafone 4G — Preview

Ausdroid has had the privilege of playing with Vodafone's 4G network for the last week. Here's what we found. Late last week, Vodafone approached us and asked Ausdroid would like to take part in a secret project. With not much more information than this, we of course accepted, and within a short while we found out we'd have a (relatively) exclusive opportunity to have a play with Vodafone's new 4G/LTE network before it became open to the general public. We were invited to take a trial device, travel around wherever we wanted, and see how the network performed. I have to... Continue reading

Huawei Ascend Mate — Review

Can Huawei compete in an increasingly crowded super-sized phone market? A lot of our time at Ausdroid is spent paying attention to the top tier of Android device manufacturers - while Samsung is doubtless the heavyweight of the Android world, you'd almost certainly include HTC and LG as peers. Below that, there exists a broad second tier, where other manufacturers toil away without the mindshare, design, manufacturing, marketing or technical prowess that characterises that top tier. It's here where we usually find Huawei, despite its best intentions - while it's a networking technology heavyweight with a rich (and occasionally controversial)... Continue reading

Accessory Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

If you read my piece on why you should get a case from your smartphone, then you'll have known I purchased an S View Cover for my Samsung Galaxy S4. And now that I have had a few weeks to use it, I thought I might share my thoughts and experiences with the rest of you Galaxy S4 owners to see if it's for you. The Cover When I watched the launch of the Galaxy S4 and its accessories, I found the idea of the S View Cover -- a cover with a see-through panel in it to view the... Continue reading

Leader Tab 10″ — Review

Leader offers a breath of fresh air into a rough and stale market with their 10-inch Jellybean Tablet. When you’ve tested, reviewed and owned top end tablet devices, it can sometimes be tempting to dismiss tablets that aren't in this same category. However, Ausdroid always offers honest reviews on all devices, with criticism and praise given where it’s due. I’ve tested low-cost products in the past and returned them without writing up a review, as the product quality was just too low. So, you can understand that I was a little apprehensive about reviewing a sub-$300.00 10-inch Jellybean tablet,... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Wi-fi) — Review

Can the Galaxy Note 8 stand up to Samsung’s high standards? In the last few years, Samsung has created an amazing success story with their Galaxy S phones, and more recently the Galaxy Note range - the first Galaxy Note phone was popular, and the Galaxy Note II was nothing short of a genuine success. After some early missteps with their Galaxy Note tablets, Samsung has started to redeem themselves in the tablet market, starting with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and now the Galaxy Note 8. There’s an ever-increasing number of tablets in the... Continue reading

App Review: Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 is not a particularly new app in the grand scheme of things, but what has brought it into the limelight is its use of the new Google Play games services that were announced at Google I/O a couple of weeks ago. There's no major learning curve involved in SSG2, you just point the guiding arrows in the direction you want the ball to go, then you hit the ball once the force-meter is at the point you think will get the ball closest to the hole. Yep. That simple. But what makes SSG2 really great... Continue reading

Game Review: PUK

I am a fan of simple games. You know, the sort of game you can pick up and play for a few minutes and then forget about. PUK is one of those games, well at least it should be. The official description of PUK on the Play Store reads as follows: PUK is a fast paced pure action puzzler requiring skill dexterity, nerve and endurance. Pull back and ping to obliterate portals in 1000 unique, quick-fire levels that are endlessly generated and different every time. It is kind of a very fast, very flat, Angry Birds. You simply pull back on the... Continue reading

HP Pavillion 14(c001tu) Chromebook — Review

The worlds largest PC Maker attempts ChromeOS With very little fanfare, the HP Pavillion 14(c001tu) Chromebook crept into Harvey Norman and JB Hifi stores in late March, joining the Acer C7 and Samsung Series 3 Chromebooks which were already on-sale. This entry by HP into the Chromebook market brings to three the total number of devices running ChromeOS that you can buy in Australia. HP is currently at the top of the list when it comes to global market share for PC sales and this dominance includes a long and fairly prestigious pedigree in laptop manufacturing. With their existing market... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S 4 — Review

The Galaxy S III was super popular, but can Samsung repeat last year's success against renewed competition? The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is set to be the hottest smartphone of 2013, and considering the success of its predecessor, will likely cement Samsung's place as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. It does face some tough competition from all fronts though, with HTC really stepping up their game with the One, renewed efforts by Nokia to place Windows Phone 8 on the radar with its beautiful and colourful Lumia series, as well as solid... Continue reading