+ Thursday April 25th, 2019


New Office 365 Trick: Convert Photo of a table into Excel Table automatically on your Android

Anyone who has had to manually create an Excel table from a printed data table knows how the boring and time-consuming this is. Thanks to an update for Office 365 those days are over – say goodbye to manual data entry. With Insert Data from Picture, you can take a …

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Google updates the design guidelines for app icons, developers told to update or be squircled

In a bid to improve the consistency of app icons across Android, Chrome OS and the web Google has released new design specifications for app icons. Google’s going full squircle for app icons this time around, and if developers don’t jump on board the drop shadow train they’ll find their …

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Twitter has updated the camera function in its Android app to make it easier to capture content quickly

Twitter has updated its Android app to include an easier-to-access camera to make capturing that important moment on the go all the easier. You can see the new functionality in the tweet announcing the feature below: See it? Tweet it! Our updated camera is just a swipe away, so you …

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