Tuesday , September 26 2017


Huawei P9 — Australian Hands On

We’ve just returned from a nice little trip to Bali to attend Huawei’s South Pacific partner and media conference, and it’s time to reflect on our impressions of Huawei’s 2016 flagship contender, the Huawei P9. Though we’ve not had as much time as we’d like with the phone to really …

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Parrot Bebop 2 Drone — Review

Not long after its release, the opportunity came up to play with… errr, “review’ the Bebop 2 Drone by Parrot. So… it’s not directly “Android” per se, but there is an Android App to control is and if nothing else its really cool and great fun. I’ve played with Action …

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HTC 10 — Australian Review

HTC hasn’t had the best of fiscal years over the last 12 months, but as a stalwart of the Android OEM landscape they’re popular with both the Android enthusiast community, as well as the wider public in Australia - so there’s hope. HTC had a rough year last year, with …

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LG G5 — Australian Review

LG have a reputation to live up to, having produced what we called 2015's Smartphone of the Year. The LG G4 was a brilliant mobile phone. It had a great, big, user replaceable battery, coupled with the best mobile camera on the market last year. As good as Samsung's Galaxy …

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Asus ZenWatch 2 — Review

Asus has released its second Android Wear watch on the market with the ZenWatch 2, available at retail from $296 for the standard leather band edition or $366 for the stunning metal band. The company hasn’t deviated far from the original in making the ZenWatch 2. At first glance, there’s …

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