Ausdroid attended the Motorola and Optus launch event for the ‘Impossibly Thin’ Motorola Razr in Sydney tonight and scored some hands-on time with the phone, as well as our very own Razr which Buzz will be reviewing shortly. Given Buzz’s well known opinions about Motorola’s last big release, the Atrix, it will be interesting to see what he thinks.

My first impression of the phone is that Motorola & Optus have a winner on their hands – in some ways the design reminds me of the Samsung Galaxy S II due to the large 4.3″ screen shared by the two, but that’s where the similarities end. The Razr is thinner at 7.1mm (vs SGS II at 8.5mm), a little wider and a little taller than the SGS II and also has a higher resolution qHD screen. Most importantly the phone performs well straight out of the box, which is more than can be said for the underwhelming performance of the Atrix at launch.

The Razr will be $0 on the $59 plan which is well priced for a phone of this quality, but the real value is at the $79 plan which includes the Work, Play and Drive Kit of a car dock, entertainment dock, and bluetooth keyboard and mouse. As we reported a few days ago, you can pre-order the Razr now with Optus for delivery by 3 November.

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Mike D

Hows that review coming along Buzz?
The lack of sd card in the galaxy nexus has got me looking closely at this phone.

Buzz Moody

About halfway through it. Really like the RAZR, it’s too big though.


I really don’t understand all the Atrix bashing that goes on over here; mine’s been flawless for almost 12 months now.  It’s substantially older than the other dual-core offerings.  

Any decent nerd (or journo for that matter) knows that all smartphones look a bit shabby 6 months on, so why all the hate?


What about the QWERTY version? Have they hinted at anything about that coming to Aus?


Are you speaking of the Droid 4?


They should’ve made it taper to a sharp point, then they could claim it was ~0.1 mm thick.  Also the name RAZR would then be very appropriate ;).
Someone should design a battery to fill in the hollow bit…make it all the same thickness.

Matt Booth

Non-removable battery so no chance of that unfortunately.
That and the micro sim are 2 of the negatives for me


boo, I was considering this phone until you said that.
I don’t think micro sim is a neg tho/? It’s not that hard to cut a regular sim.

Matt Booth

Depends, some people swap sims between phones. Not an issue if the other phone is an iphone 4 but otherwise it poses problems


Perfect phone for Broady boys.  Make calls and also use it as a weapon in a nightclub carpark.


“Most importantly the phone performs well straight out of the box” – What a relief! Let’s wait to hear what Buzz thinks, though…

Buzz Moody

It’ll suck!

I’m kidding.

But, no, really, it’ll suck.

I’m joking.

Not, but really. 😉

Geoff Fieldew

What a relief! Finally someone copied Samsung instead of the other way around. If Samsung sued Moto that would get interesting as they’re about to be owned by Google.

Silliness aside, I like the look of the RAZR. It can do really well with it’s heritage and good looks to catch people’s attention. Motoblur needs to be a silky smooth UX though or it will get given back to sales people quicker than an LG phone. Sorry LG, I want to like you and would be happy if you could prove me wrong.

Jpower Oz

Thanks for the review. Looking forward to an in depth review by Ausdroid.


That’s all great, but does this phone, or the Galaxy Nexus mind you, have the USB OTG like the SGSII?

Lachlan Matthias

Really considering getting this or the galaxy nexus