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The Motorola Defy for $269.00

I can hear some of you already: “that’s not a very good phone, it’s no even on Froyo out of the box”, well compared to what’s out there now it is a bit lacking, yes! You can get Gingerbread on there by rooting and installing custom roms. But, at the end of the day if you’re in the market or if you’ve got friends or loved one’s who are looking at a new phone, and can’t afford the high end phones etc this is worth a look and could be a great opportunity to show them how to get away from the dark side of the force.

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    skooter Martin

    I think a few of you guys are missing the point here: The deffy is not here to win internal spec awards, or to impress power users. But if you want a phone that provides all smartphone functionality and is nigh on indestructable – its the deffy or deffy+ (nod to Andrew Bayliss for that spotto). I broke one of these – after pitching it against a wall 13 times – and still regularly use my current one as a part trick; I dare anyone to dunk a Nexus S in a pint of beer; have a mate ring the… Read more »


    I’ve never had a problem with any of my phones breaking which is probably why I would prefer a better specced phone over an indestructible phone.  I guess if I needed a phone to do party tricks the Defy is what I would get based on what you’ve said.

    Andrew Bayliss

    Bur if you do want water resistant and dust proof and a Next G phone, the Defy+ is only $299 


    My mother has one, it’s built like a brick. Water resistant and dust-proof, I was actually kind of impressed by it.


    I’d rather a Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwich from Vodafone (unlocked)

    Sam Cook

    I was going to say the exact same thing.  The Nexus S trumps anything that the Defy offers (bar build quality) – and at the same price, network unlocked, and OTA Android 4.0 – it represents a far better deal.


    the site was pull off vodafone‘s website. but still have 299 deal at dicksmith. i wonder is it come with network unlocked? cos it says “locked to vodafone” on their website and “vodafone nexus s” from dicksmith.