For those of you who love a bargain, Getjar has started a sale on their App Store offering 100 ‘Gold’ apps for free. Some of the Apps featured in the Google 10 cent sale that they held recently like Beautiful Widgets, Age of Zombies, Super KO Boxing 2, Can Knockdown 2 and Paper Camera. You can also get yourself an office application Smart Office Plus which normally sells for $9.99 on the Getjar store.

To get access to the sale you`ll first have to allow install of non-market applications by going to Settings > Applications and then tap ‘Unknown Sources’. Once you`ve done that you`ll need to download the GetJar App which you can do by going to their mobile site on your Android device this will initiate the download of the Getjar APK, when you install that you can then get access to their market via the app.

I`m not a huge fan of alternate app stores but I am a fan of a bargain so I’ve been busy grabbing quite a few of these apps, Getjar has been around for a fairly long time and I know of many people who trust it as a source of apps, the name Getjar actually comes from ‘Get Java’ as it was around serving out Java based apps to old mobile phones.

Source: Getjar.
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    Robert Webb

    How long will this give-away last?

    Daniel Tyson

    I`m really not sure but they appear to be adding more apps as they go, so you`ll have to keep an eye on the store


    Every time i try to download an app with the getjar app i get “The download failed, please try again later.”

    any ideas?

    Daniel Tyson

    I had this a few times but seems to be quieter now as the Americans are asleep.

    Steven Papke

    Did you ever solve this problem?  My son and daughter both got the tablets…one worked earlier today, now both will not download.  Is this a device setting?

    Daniel Tyson

    Getjar acknowledged an issue in this tweet :!/GetJar/status/151169055313756160  they said it should be fixed shortly, have you tried again recently?

    Robert Webb

    Do you need to keep the GetJar app around afterwards in order for the other apps to run?
    Do the apps use a different type of licensing or something, or are they identical to those downloaded from the usual market place?

    Daniel Tyson

    Seems like you`ll need to keep the app around as they will notify through the app when updates appear

    Sam Cook

    Correct my if I’m wrong here, but I’m of the understanding
    app updates aren’t available for installed apps from GetJar.  No bargain pricing is worth sacrificing that.


    There are some that don’t, and but there are also some that do. I’ve downloaded quite a fair amount of them and some has been updated a few times. Although you have to do it manually because it doesn’t tell you (check Android Market to see if there is an update).

    Daniel Tyson

    According to Getjar their latest mobile App will notify as soon as the publisher updates their app.


    Oh I see. I usually delete the Getjar app as soon as I finish getting the apps I want and then install it again when I want to download apps again.