An Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC Sensation XE has leaked onto the internet, mroe specifically XDA-Developers where it has been made usable by developers. The ROM is a build of Android 4.0.1 and comes complete with the erratic Sense UI 3.5 that you either love or hate, for me and most of Team Ausdroid it’s the latter.

Defining features of Android 4.0 are included such as Face Unlock, however, there will be no neon-blue colouring since HTC has just smacked Sense UI over the top of vanilla Android. If you have an original HTC Sensation you can hit the source link below to try it out.

Source: XDA-Developers.
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Christopher Salmon

Well, looks like I’m sticking with Nexus phones now until the end of forever.


‘It’s not Samsung so it must be shit derp’

Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t that basically a reskinned ICS launcher, with HTC’s more functional lockscreen? If you don’t like the clock you can just remove it. Seems they’ve kept most of the vanilla features and shockingly enough, made them more HTCy.

Tin Tran

are you guys kidding? vanilla android ui sucks! i’d love a happy medium between sense and vanilla because there are some parts of sense that i love, but some that i think are just obtrusive and too much

Daniel Tyson

I`m interested to find out if you`re talking about the Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich UI or previous iterations of Android, because the ICS UI is pretty good, I haven`t even bothered to load a launcher onto my Galaxy Nexus as yet.

Tin Tran

i understand that they’ve made leaps from gingerbread to ics, but to me some features and functions still look a bit unpolished to me.

when i was used CM7 on my DHD i missed the htc clock/alarm/stopwatch app. that’s just one thing off the top of my head. i moved from cm7 to android revolution HD w/sense and i love it now.

vanilla is pretty hard to use if you’re a newbie as well from my experience.

Andrew Singh

Here we go again, manufacturers trying to “differentiate themselves” from one another, how about putting more thought into the hardware design & build a kick-ass phone & leave the software to Google.

Buzz Moody

It’s fine, HTC are losing money. With a bit of luck they’ll get the point no one wants their crappy UI and start making good devices. Otherwise they can just go bust.

Andrew Singh

I used to like HTC but after producing the same boring style phones with Sense & that silly flip clock, they can go back to making Windows phones for all I care.

Daniel Tyson

My biggest want for Jelly Bean or the ‘J’ version of Android to come out is a themeing engine that Google can hopefully force manufacturers to utilise instead of putting skins like this on top.

Damon Lewis

And I thought TouchWiz on ICS was bad….