Owners of the International unlocked Galaxy Nexus running the YAKJU build should now start to receive their Android 4.2.1 update Over The Air now, the update does of course fix the missing month of December. The update has been captured and you can now download the update and flash via a custom recovery or flash via ADB or if you don’t know what any of that means then you can wait a few days and the update will appear as an OTA update that you will be prompted to install.

The update for the TAKJU build(Basically YAKJU but with Google Wallet) has been out for a while and those of you who have flashed the Firmware for the TAKJU build can get your update as well.

YAKJU Update can be downloaded here.
TAKJU Update can be downloaded here.

Of course those of you who are still on an Optus, Vodafone or Telstra branded Galaxy Nexus then you will of course have to wait for the carriers to test and then distribute the update, they in turn are waiting for Samsung to test it out. Or you could check out our post on how to flash your Carrier branded Galaxy Nexus to international firmware.

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Ozzie Bluey

What exactly do you means by “international unlocked Galaxy Nexus”? Does this mean grey market phones purchased through a Oz site but come in from OS? Your story is good but light on detail. I hope you will provide updates as more details come to hand. I have not seen an update yet, 2nd Jan. Running on a SIM only plan from iinet who utilise OPTUS network.


UGH. I am with Virgin Mobile. Im still on 4.0.4. UGH UGH UGH.


Yep my Yakju upgraded this morning only to 4.2

Uli Schmidt

Just updated my nexus 4 this morning. Even with 4.2 I didn’t experience any problems whatsoever, although I never tried adding Dec events…

Frank Benign

Mine has just come up… and for the first time I’m hesitant to update, given all the reports. btw, it says 4.2 rather than 4.2.1 . Should I go ahead?


IMO, I would actually wait until they fix all the issues with 4.2.

If I knew about all the issues before I updated, I honestly would have waited. This has to be buggiest update I’ve had… 🙁