Sony Xperia Z Water

One of the so-called flagships of 2013 was the Sony Xperia Z, and while it’s being overshadowed at the moment by all the news about the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4, the Xperia Z really shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a bit cheaper now than it was at launch, and when I reviewed it, I found it to be a very enjoyable handset.

If you’re taken by the Xperia Z and would like to get one, this could be the opportunity for you. Kogan are advertising the Xperia Z for $529 plus delivery, making $548 all up.

If you’re interested, head on over!

Source: Kogan.
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Sean Royce

Damn, this thing keeps dropping in price, any reason why? It’s not like it’s a bad phone. In fact, quite the opposite.


Make that $519 + delivery. Seems there was another $10 drop in price just then.


Daniel Tyson

Yeah, it is definitely tempting. We also saw the AOSP project announcement for the Xperia Z