In the smartphone space, there’s really only three real players these days; Android of course, iOS and Windows Phone, with an honourable mention to Blackberry which will probably be out of business within a year or two. Microsoft, being desperate to increase its market share by taking users away from iOS and Android, are ramping up their efforts by attempting to convince users that they won’t be missing out by switching from Android to Windows Phone.

This FOMO seems to be a big thing amongst youth these days, and Microsoft don’t want you to worry that if you switch to Windows Phone, you’ll miss out. The Switch to Windows Phone app for Android is available now on the Google Play Store (though it seems it might not be available in Australia yet) and its function is simple: it takes an inventory of your installed apps and sends that inventory to SkyDrive.

If you then do take the plunge and switch to Windows Phone, you can link your SkyDrive account to your new WindowS phone, and you’ll be able to easily install official Windows Phone 8 apps that correspond to the ones you had on your Android handset. Where official apps are not available, the best match from unofficial apps will be presented.

To coincide with the release of this sneaky app, Microsoft has launched a new advertisement hoping to convince people that Windows Phone is a good alternative to the iOS/Android dominated smartphone space. Check out the ad below, and let us know what you think.


Source: Engadget.
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    Annoying Old Fart

    “We matched 26 of your apps…” yeah sure…

    Sean Royce

    Get mad bro.

    Nick Bellios


    Manuja Premaratne

    Google with its suppression of windows phone is behaving like ms with the browsers before the anti trust settlements. I think Google should also be made to make chrome and gmail for wp8 simply because choice is good for us.


    It would be nice but they won’t. Chrome is available on Windows 8, OSX and iOS because the numbers are there. WP8 in comparison has what, 3%?

    You think they should be forced to port their apps to WP8? By who? Should Google be obligated to devote resources into supporting every minor platform from WP to BB10 even if it makes no financial sense? Last I checked, there is no IE or Bing on the Aussie Play store.


    Stupid Microsoft, who will use wp?


    I initially thought this was going to be a launcher emulating WP which would have been a neat idea.
    Useful app for those who’ve already switched but can’t see this actually converting anyone. To switch, something needs to be better, not the same.
    The ads very funny though and so true. Humans just love taking sides. 🙂


    The funny thing is that google barely supports WP8 (this might of changed recently without me knowing though)


    Cannot be installed in your device’s country.