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Sony is gearing up to release another handset soon, with an Xperia P2 showing up over night which has some pretty decent specs. While the Xperia Z4 probably won’t be hitting Australia – with Sony Mobile Australia advising ‘We are considering the feasibility in other markets’, perhaps we’ll see the Xperia P2.

The Xperia P2 has shown up on Chinese site cnBeta, and shows a comparison image against the Xperia Z4 and listing a spec list for the as-yet-unannounced smartphone. As you can see below, the handset matches mostly with the Xperia Z4, though sports a somewhat underwhelming 12.1MP rear camera.

A second image concentrating on the dimensions of the phone, show that the phone will be a relatively thick beast, with a 10.9mm profile. This thicker profile is giving users what they want, with Smartphone users have been saying for a number of years they’d be willing to use a thicker phone which has longer battery life – time to test that out.
Obviously Sony hasn’t announced or even commented on the existence of the Xperia P2, but we’ll be definitely interested to take a look if they launch the phone here in Australia.

Source: cnBeta.
Via: Android Central.
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Oumar Camara



This is almost certainly a fake render I would suspect… looks pretty shifty. Literally just a Z4 screen photoshopped at a different size onto the Xperia S

Himanshu kumar

You have a point 😉