As announced last week, the ZTE Blade S6 AU edition is now live and available for purchase at JB Hifi, through their stores and online.

The phone comes in at a moderately priced $297 on the JB Hifi website, where it’s listed as in-stock and ready to ship. Stock in-store should be available for same day pick-up, but will most likely vary for a week or so as stocks are shipped out – or in other words, ask your local store.

The phone is a pretty well specced beast of a phone, with a mostly stock version of Android 5.0.2 running on it. Though it will be a stock launcher style experience, there will be some ZTE gesture and motion control support built-in. With no Mi interface that’s found on other ZTE Blade S6 handsets throughout the world, there’s also more room for your apps and multimedia.

The Blade S6 is pretty well priced for the hardware contained within, with a Qualcomm Octa-Core CPU running under the hood, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage with a microSD Card slot and best of all comes with support for the new Band 28 700MHz 4G network rolling out on Telstra and Optus.

  • 5″ HD (1280 x 720) IPS Display
  • 1.5/1.0GHz Qualcomm Octa-core CPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB on-board storage(11.6GB user accessible) with microSD Card up to 32GB
  • 13MP Sony IMX214 rear camera, 5MP front facing camera
  • Bluetooth v4.0, Dual Band (2.4/5.0GHz) Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, GPS
  • Dual SIM enabled (nano SIM)
  • Network Connectivity:
    • 4G: 1800 MHz(Band 3), 2600 MHz(Band 7), 700 MHz(Band 28)
    • 3G: 850 MHz, 2100 MHz
    • 2G: 900, 1800 MHz
  • Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop)

ZTE Australia are shipping us a review unit to take a closer look at, so we should be able to let you know all about the Blade S6 quite soon.

Source: JB Hifi.
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Picked up a ZTE S6 from JBs today- will give it a good look tomorrow but first impressions are good! Feels like nexus with the unskinned ROM which is really what I was after to replace my ageing Galaxy Nexus. So nice to see 1.4GB of RAM free 🙂


A device with S6 in the name? Call the lawyers… ;p

Sujay Vilash

With the way connectivity to accessories are going, the lack of NFC might be an issue for some people.

vijay alapati

how slim is this? does the name Blade means its a slim devices O_o

Stephen Crisafulli

Seeing as all the hero phones this year over 1k this little ZTE might make top of my recommendation list. Can buy 4 of em for the price of an S6 edge

Chris Hastings

It only supports 850 and 2100 MHz on 3G? Telstra only?


voda has a lot of 850mhz out there in the city for 3G… but yes, not really going to be a great ‘country’ phone as voda/optus are 900mhz!


Telstra, Boost and Aldi for 3G. Not bad options at all. Telstra only for 4G, as Aldi and Boost don’t offer that.

I hope that the JB staff emphasise this. Other than that, a nice phone for $300 by the looks of it.

Sujay Vilash

According to an article on Whirlpool, 2100MHz is used by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone on 3G. So it should be compatible with all three telcos. And it also looks like it is compatible with all three telco’s on the 4G network as well.