Lollipop Find 7
Owners of the Oppo Find 7, their 2014 flagship phone, should soon be able to get their Lollipop fix. Oppo has announced that the phone will get an AOSP based Lollipop ROM, and they’re currently offering beta versions on their forum.

The decision to deliver an AOSP ROM is so that the phone has ‘a pure Android experience, which is light, fast, stable and up to date’. The ROM won’t be getting updates though, with Oppo concentrating on ColorOS as their primary focus, though there has been no announcements about a Lollipop based ColorOS ROM – though general consensus is that it’s about a month away.

There is at least one known issue with the ROM, with Oppo advising :

The recovery menu might have some slight graphical glitches on some of the Find 7 (QHD) devices. This will not affect your daily usage as it ONLY appears in recovery mode and it will be gone when you flash back to ColorOS.

The feedback on the ROM seems pretty decent, so if you want to experience AOSP Android 5.0 on your Oppo Find 7, head over to the Oppo Forums and grab the ROM and the installation instructions.

Source: Oppo Forums.