Optus has a great deal on the go at the moment with 20% off the 80GB SIM-only plan. This pricing is pretty hot, and available for a limited time only.

The plan includes the headline-grabbing 80GB of data, as well as unlimited national talk and text, unlimited international calls to 35 countries, as well as 4GB of monthly roaming data to use in various Zone 1 countries (incl. New Zealand and much of Asia, Europe and North America).

The plan also includes free subscriptions to Optus Sport and the National Geographic app as well as data-free streaming of Spotify, Google Play Music and iHeart Radio. The offer will last until May 5.

Optus’ plan also allows you to add data-free SD streaming of Netflix, Stan and ABC iView for an extra $5 per month. But with 80GB, you’re really unlikely to need this.

So far as the market goes, this is the cheapest way to get 80GB on a SIM-only plan right now. Competitors aren’t far behind, with Jeenee offering 82GB for $44.90, and Think Mobile offering 80GB for $48. Like Optus, these plans are offered on a 12-month contract only.

For many, though, the confidence of dealing with a big name brand is an added bonus here.

Here’s the Optus plan compared against the nearest competitors:

Be quick, though – this is a limited time offer which ends on 5 May 2019.

If you’ve found a better way to get this level of mobile data value, please let us know in the comments!


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Joshua Hill

1st time Telstra customer who didn’t quite need 80gb a month but for me the 50gb 12 month byo contract for $45 through Telstra/JB hi-fi with $200 JB gift card was/is better value. If you split the gift card over 12 months it’s basically a $30 per month plan

Timothy Hall

Looking at JB website, they don’t advertise the $200 gift card for the $45 plan, is that an old offer ?

Joshua Hill

It’s not advertised in store but i just asked and they signed me up. They said they try and keep it on the down low. Obviously if the companies don’t have to cough up $200 the better for them but I got the impression it wasn’t going away anytime soon : – )

Timothy Hall

Thanks, i might have to recommend that plan to my mother in law (whose paying for optus phone and mobile broadband and barely uses the broadband)