The 25 cent app promotion has now gone live on Google Play so which apps are on-sale? You can head across to the Google Play page and check the list of 15 apps that have so far appeared on the promotion page, although judging from the icons on the banner we’ll be seeing Paper Camera and Where’s My Perry added in the next 5 days. So far the list looks like this :

Google also said in their announcement post that they would offer 25 Banned books for special prices, well they’ve put the 25 books up but they’re now Bestselling books all for the special price of $1.99, you can find the list on the Bestselling Books promotion page the books on offer are :

As I’d hoped last night, Google has done something for Australia with Movies, although not the purchases we would have liked it is offering rentals of 25 Movies for rental for just 99 cents each. The promotion page is live over at Google Play Movies with lots of classic movies such as :

So, that seems to take care of the movies and books, but we are still short on the apps by 10 apps so far, so the next 5 days will see some fun as people start trying to track the games/apps down. Let us know in the comments which apps, movies or books you’ve purchased or rented.

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Thanks for doing this, Dan. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this.