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Link Bubble
Link Bubble, from Australian developer Chris Lacy, is still one of our favourite, and most innovative apps we’ve seen this year at Ausdroid HQ, and why wouldn’t it be? It saves you a massive amount of time when you’re scrolling through your social media or RSS feeds, and it’s just gotten a whole host of new features.

Chris has added in ‘OK, Google’ support as well as something I have wanted since the initial release, a Chrome style tab close undo option. Chris has added more functionality to the free version, allowing you to launch Link Bubble from any app, instead of being limited to one and if you look at the list of features below, you’ll note that a number require the Pro version, but to help you out if you haven’t jumped on board, Chris has halved the price of the Pro version, dropping it to just $2.49.

Chris gives a rundown of the new features in Link Bubble 1.2 in his new video :

The full list of features in Link Bubble 1.2

  • NEW: “OK, Google” support (Requires Pro, Android 4.4 or later, must be enabled via Settings).
  • NEW: Free version allows for a link to be loaded from any app (previously was restricted to a single app).
  • NEW: Granular controls to configure which apps Link Bubble will and won’t intercept links from.
  • NEW: When closing a tab, an Undo prompt is displayed, allowing people to quickly restore that tab (configurable via Settings).
  • NEW: Reading Mode (Beta), which extracts the main text from a link (Requires Pro).
  • IMPROVEMENT: If a link was just loaded, prevent loading that link again for a short time period. Fixes multiple links loading in the event a link is clicked twice.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Blacken out status and navigation bars when rendering on top of an app that uses translucent mode.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Enable the Up button on the Settings and History.
  • BUG FIX: Stability fixes.

Go check it out now on Google Play, the free version is great, but we really recommend throwing a couple of $$ Chris’s way and purchasing the Pro version to support a great app, and a great Aussie developer.

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    I might have to give this a try… this is what i have been wanting Feedly to do for a long time, allow the full page to load in the background allowing me to read the plain text until its full loaded and ready… love it.

    Will Dutton

    I love this app, went pro as soon as it came out but what’s the difference with OK google functionality now as opposed to before?


    “OK, Google” functionality only came online in 1.2. Before that, there was no such functionality in Link Bubble.

    Will Dutton

    Sorry, what i mean is I don’t understand what the new functionality actually does, it doesn’t seem any different to me than before, which was:

    1. I say ok google and my search
    2. search results appear
    3. I select several and they stack up as link bubbles opening once loaded

    I am on a stock nexus 5 if that has any bearing and I’m using the GEL


    It’s for those of us that aren’t using GEL and therefore would normally have to launch Google Now to use voice search. Now we can at least use ‘OK Google’ to search while we browse in Link Bubble.


    Thanks. That made absolutely no fucking sense to me until you explained…

    Will Dutton

    AH, pk I got it now, thanks for explaining dude