Ready Contact List Beta
Ready Contact List is a contact list/dialler replacement app that is currently in Beta but is showing some great promise. There’s facets of it’s presentation when searching for a contact that are similar to searching an iPod using the old school jog wheel, for the music you’re wanting to listen to. With some really great development on other ideas of how a contact list and individual contacts can be useful.

So far in my relatively time limited testing, I’m yet to find a major downside to this contact app. There’s no noticeable degradation in performance which I’ve found with other diallers, there’s no specific major issues that have affected my experience either. It’s important to remember though; it’s in BETA so don’t yell at the developers if something is wrong, report a bug!

If you want to you can join in on the fun

  1. Join the Beta Community
  2. Opt into the Beta testing on Google Play
  3. Download the app
  4. Enjoy

And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app.

Is there anything you want in a dialler & contact list you’ve not got yet? or have they already reached their peak?

Source: Google Play.
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    Morgan Archer

    Egh could it be less consistent with Android design guidelines?