My Tracks
Google Fit has been slowly gaining traction, but so far support from third party vendors has been sort of slow. Thankfully, Google has their own GPS based tracking app, My Tracks. My Tracks was one of the first fitness based apps to update for Android Wear and now they’ve also integrated Google Fit tracking into the mix.

The latest update, which is live in Google Play now, has added the ability to sync your steps to Google Fit, as well as save your tracks to Google Drive. Upon completing a tracked activity, you will be prompted to open settings and allow Google Fit integration. When you select integration you can select which Google account you want to sync to and that’s it.

My Tracks is often a little maligned by runners etc due to a lack of features, but there’s been a few notable updates to the app, including the ability to add photo markers to your track. It’s also quite easy to output data to Google Drive and from there import to apps like Google Earth. If you’re a My Tracks user, you should already have the update, if you’d like to try it out head on over to Google Play now and install it.

Source: Google Play.