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Video calling is a thing now, it’s been an option in apps like Skype and Hangouts for a while now, and today Facebook joins the crowd, adding cross platform video chats in Facebook Messenger.

Like the rest of the competition, video calling on Facebook will be a free addition to the service. It’s going to be a competitive service as well, with more than 600 million users making use of Facebook Messenger every month – something that will surely have other services a little worried.

Video chats are easy to initiate, simply tap on the video button in Messenger to instantly start a video chat. It’s cross platform with iOS and Android both supported – sorry Windows Phone users and works on your cellular connection or on Wi-Fi.


There is one issue with this new feature: Video chats in Facebook aren’t actually available in Australia yet. It’s a feature that Facebook is introducing in a select number of markets including Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, the UK, the US and Uruguay – but Facebook says they will roll it out other regions quite soon.

The update will hit your Facebook Messenger app from today in those countries and will hit Australia we assume in the coming months. If you want to grab Facebook Messenger, you can head over to Google Play and install it now.

Price: Free
Source: Facebook.
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    vijay alapati

    poor win phone users 🙁