Google Drive is still one of the good choices when it comes to cloud storage, but with Google Docs paired with it, the product suite as a whole is pretty awesome. When Google adds more features, or improvements though, it’s always nice and this week we see improved downloading, sending, and sharing for the Drive for Android app.

The downloading options are much improved, with the ability to donwload multiple files in the background in one hit, as well as the ability to send multiple files at one time. The Send and Download button on the action bar have replaced the delete (Trashcan) icon which is now in the menu.
drive-multiselect (1)

The sharing function has also gotten a complete overhaul, with the option to share to a person replaced with a much more refined pane which allows you to add multiple people to the shared list, as well as view existing users who have access to a shared file.


Two minor additions have been included as well with the ability to view file thumbnails in the details pane for folders and the ability to report abuse cases in the Settings menu.

The app should be updated over the coming days with the new features through Google Play, but as always you can download the app early if you must.

Source: Google Apps blog.
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Glen Leatherman

They need to work on uploading. Google Drive should be a solution for long term storage which means uploading a large quantity of files from various storage media. I have found this to be a painful process on multiple platforms.