Earlier this year Google launched a new ‘knowledge graph’ result for both web and mobile searches pertaining to health conditions. Google has today announced an expansion of this service, although the ‘health conditions’ search cards remain restricted to the US.

The search result cards provide immediate information about a number of conditions, listing their symptoms and possible treatments in the now typical knowledge graph manner.  The information was developed in consultation with a ‘team of medical doctors’ including some of Google’s on staff MDs – these must be the elusive Dr Google I hear so much about – to develop and maintain the information provided. At launch, the service the service was only available in English within the USA.

In todays announcement, Google has advised they are expanding the number of searchable conditions to grow to be over 900, a doubling since the original launch. Along with the expanded database, they are also adding a few other enhancements and tweaks, including the ability to download the information into a PDF that you can use to discuss the condition with a qualified health professional.

Unfortunately, the service remains locked to the USA in English – so fire up that VPN – however, Google did advise that they are working to expand the service to more languages and regions so perhaps we will see it here in Australia Soon.

Source: Google.