Earlier this year yet another music streaming service threw its hat into the ring in a bid to earn a chunk of our hard earned cash. That service, SoundCloud, originally had a limited launch in France, Ireland, the UK and the US. Now after these launches SoundCloud are bringing their streaming service, SoundCloud Go to Australia and New Zealand.

SoundCloud Go is a slightly different spin on other streaming services in that not only does it include original songs but also includes what seems like an endless number of DJ mixes and remixes of said original song. There is also a lot of original work on there that users can upload themselves with very little effort.

After testing out SoundCloud Go for the last two days it’s based on other users’ playlists as searching for an artist brings up all songs that have anything to do with them. There is no way to find a specific album, nor is there a way to play an entire album. What you get instead is a playlist based on your preferences, your history and others’ preferences who also listened to that music.

The music itself is decent quality although it apparently only streams at 128kbps but it sounded fine to me at the gym. What makes up for this lower quality (which was unnoticed by me) is the music library of 125 million tracks. There is also the ability to listen to the music offline as well.

SoundCloud Go is ad free and is available for web browsers, iOS and Android and is priced at AU$11.99 per month (NZ$12.99) with a 30 day free trial. It is worth checking out with the free trial and if you like it sign up via the app.

SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs
SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs
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Mike Stevens

Well, good on ’em. There’s only so many services I can justify spending on, and I’m certainly not going to drop Spotify for this.