The long wait for Google’s new Virtual Reality platform for Android almost seems to be over. With Android 7.0 being released and Android 7.1 expected to be announced at Google’s October 5th event alongside some compatible hardware, the new Daydream platform should almost be here. But what use is a VR platform with no VR content? As of today, that should become less of an issue, with Google moving their VR SDK out of beta and into a stable V1.0 release.

The Google VR SDK 1.0 is available now at the Google Daydream developer site. The SDK offers developers solutions to complex VR implementations for things like integrated asynchronous reprojection, high fidelity spatialised audio, and interactions using the Daydream controller. The SDK also offers seamless integration with Unity and Unreal so game developers can simply import from those engines into the Daydream standard.

With Mobile VR expected to continue to grow, fresh content is still a major weakness. Providing seamless and simple development tools may allow Google to pull further ahead in the mobile VR and AR space.

Are you looking forward to Daydream? Let us know below.

Source: Google.
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    With the Pixel phones about to launch the big fork in the road for me is VR. I’d rather have a smaller device like the Pixel, but the Pixel XL will have a QHD display meaning it’ll be the much better vehicle for VR.

    Decisions, decisions.