Many of you know LastPass as a popular password manager and secure online Vault, hopefully, many of you also know that they offer a 2 Factor Authenticator app as well: LastPass Authenticator. One issue with Authenticator over apps like Authy is it didn’t include secure online backup of your 2FA vault meaning that if you used it you had to repair your 2FA accounts every time you set up a new device.

LastPass announced today, and we got the app update yesterday, that they now support cloud backup of Authenticator to your LastPass account. IF you’re an existing Authenticator user you will be prompted to sync the app with your account, or if you’re setting it up for the first time select Restore from backup in the setup process and it will link it to your account, even if you don’t yet have a backup, perhaps a strange choice of wording.

If you’re not using 2FA you really should be and services like Authenticator and Authy really do make the process a lot less painful. If I’m being honest I’m not sure how I feel about all of my passwords and 2FA tokens being backed up by the same service. While I trust LastPass, probably more than my current 2FA provider, for my accounts to be compromised, attackers would need to compromise both services.

In the end, if you’re not using 2FA having it backed up to one location is still better than not using it at all, so go on following our guide to good online security habits and get yourself secure this weekend.

Grab LastPass Authenticator below.

And if you don’t have LastPass why not start getting secure?

Source: LastPass.
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I’d be lost without this program. I use it for all my passwords except anything to do with banking/money.
But encrypting and passwording your mobile/tablet is now even more important these days with all the apps we use to access things.


One question I have is…whats the easiest way to transition from using google authenticator to the lastpass one.