Google+ is one of those social networks that you love or ignore. Google is continuing to promote the platform with new features like the new Discovery tab which is rolling out to the web and Google+ iOS app.

The tab does exactly what it says, it helps you discover new people, communities and more. Specifically, Google says you’ll ‘find personalized recommendations of posts to see, people to know, and communities to join’.

It seems Google has also been working on making navigating the app simpler, saying:
Based on user feedback, we’ve also simplified tab navigation. With the addition of the Profile tab on mobile, it’s easier for people to reach their profile pages, where they can then quickly access their communities and collections. With this launch, we aim to make it easy for people to focus on what they’re interested in.[/box]

The Discover tab is available now in your Google+ web view (or iOS app), there’s no mention of when, or if the Discover tab will be coming to Android so guess we just have to wait.