Google announced their ARCore in August last year and released a developer preview of the SDK for ARCore at the same time. Just prior to MWC this year they announced the full version of ARCore and we are already seeing some startling uses of it.

Google knows me well and recommended a thread from OzBargain this evening showing me a discounted app, Human Anatomy Atlas 2018. Usually at $35.99, it is currently $1.39AU on the Google Play store. Sounded like a great app but it was then an immediate purchase when I opened the link and the words ARCore and Pixel jumped out at me.

Upon opening the app it gives a very quick introduction which I probably should have read (some other time perhaps). From here you select the part of the body you want to inspect. Once that opens you can change through the various systems of the body to view different anatomy. Hitting the Augmented Reality button then directs you to place the piece of anatomy on the surface the ARCore section of the app detects — it could be a floor or a table etc.

From here you can view the anatomy, walk around it (or for the lazy you can spin the anatomy around), you can dissect parts of the anatomy to see underneath, you can add and remove various systems of the body whenever you want. I am sure I have only just scratch the surface of what this app (and ARCore) can do.

If this is an early stage of Google’s ARCore then I can’t wait to see what is coming in the future. Of course it will only work on phones with ARCore capabilities (“Google Pixel phones or certain Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and Note8 models”). Check out the quick videos below of it in action.

Even if you have no interest in anatomy this app is still a great one to check out a stunning real world use of ARCore. If you have a compatible phone I strongly recommend you head on over to Google Play and shell out the $1.39AU for the app and check out the human body in augmented reality.

Human Anatomy Atlas 2024
Human Anatomy Atlas 2024
Developer: Visible Body
Price: $24.99
Source: OZ Bargain.