Galaxy S II 4G ICS
Looks like owners of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G are about to receive their Ice Cream Sandwich update finally, with Craig Ruhan from Telstra advising via the Crowd Support Forums that the Samsung has advised that the update will begin rolling out to the handsets from 5PM tomorrow :


Samsung have informed us that the GS2 4G ICS update will commence deployment from 5:00 PM Friday 14 December.

The FOTA deployment will be “staggered” :

Day 1-3 : 10k of devices selected at random to be eligible for update, users are either alerted via FOTA Push Message or by manually checking
Day 4-13: An additional 10% of devices are selected per day
Day 14: All devices are now eligible for update

Craig has also advised that the update is about 190MB in size and recommends being attached to Wi-Fi to download the update. If you don’t want to wait for the staggered rollout you can connect your phone via Kies and get the update immediately as it will be available from Day 1.

If you wish to prompt your phone to check for a software update you can go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for update after 5pm tomorrow and hopefully you may be one of the lucky 10,000.

If you own a Telstra Galaxy S II 4G let us know in the comments when you receive your update and how your phone goes after the update. We love to hear about device updates, so if you see your device receive an update let us know via twitter or email.

Source: Telstra Crowd Support Forums.
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No 4G after update…What The ….?

Peter Nunn

Updated yesterday, now no WIFI and the phone reboots itself every 20 minutes or so… NOT HAPPY JAN.


Updated to ICS at 6pm today. So far, after 6 hours of using it, here are my pros and cons. Pros: – Contact call and message logs are collated. – Less likely to press “emergency call” button – Able to display battery life percentage in notification bar (Settings > Display > Display battery percentage) – In gallery, photo albums tilt to a lesser extent than previously – Includes “Developer options” under “System” tab in “Settings”, allowing more control of the user interface – Personally looks more appealing and crisp (notification bar, interface, font, ) becoming much similar to the Nexus.… Read more »


Well, I got the update today. A few things seem to be changed slightly for the sake of change, but so far I have seen no real improvements. All a bit of a disappointment really.


well i just connected to kies and nope no update,this has been a 6 mnth wait for me,when i got my phone home i noticed it had no radio,telstra staff told me i had deleted it,i said i hadn’t,they told me an update will be happening soon and that will fix it,6mths later still no radio.


And all of a sudden…..nothing happened


Problem is, once again promises promises, but northing delivered to Telstra customers once again.


I updated my brothers phone to the AT&T version of this ROM awhile ago… what the hell takes Telstra so long?? Jelly bean 4.2 has been released already.

I might flash it via Odin for my bro once it appears on XDA or Sam mobile. Either way it’s not coming from Telstra, with all their crap on it!!