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Holding true to recent form Vodafone has continued to be early to users with OS updates on their current line of phones. While it’s not yet being pushed out, the much anticipated update to Android 4.2.2 is complete for the HTC One and OTA testing is underway for Vodafone clients. The update will add a host of new functions to the device including battery percentage displayed in the status bar and the ability to change home button actions.

Also cited in the blog post is the Galaxy Nexus is set for an update to 4.2.1 in the coming months, unfortunately Samsung have not given Vodafone a date to expect this software yet.

Have you got an HTC One with Vodafone? Looking forward to the update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Vodafone BlogAndroid Police.
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hello daniel sir..can u plz tell me the update of 4.3 for htc one whih is under vodafone network..coz O2 has been rollout the update..but what about the vodfone??? reply must..


dear daniel sir is any update coming on htc one..meanss 4.3.3 iss coming or not???
which is under vodafone network..


Dear Daniel Tyson u got any current news about the rollout of update by vodafone.??
have it completed.??
when it will come??

Daniel Tyson

Checked a couple of hours ago and there was no update. The latest Vodafone blog update – yesterday – also shows no updates. At this stage, I’m sorry but there is no news.


i read that blog which u post sir..is there any way to update the phone through any network. means through reiance 3g data. if they charge for the update thn at we update htc one through any 3g data with any network or vodafone network.????
can u plz sugget me Daniel sir???

Daniel Tyson

Unfortunately they’re not offering the update via alternative methods at this stage and will only allow the update to progress once the Vodafone servers are updated.

This means that even if you are not using Vodafone as a carrier, you will still have to wait for the update – as well as pay any costs for the data usage when it’s finally made available.


daniel means f i use vodafone network than update should be come.???
actually now m using airtel in my htc one..u mean i will have to use vodafone network than that is possible to come???Adi

Daniel Tyson

The update will not come until Vodafone let HTC push it, no matter what network you’re on.

You Still have to wait for the update. there is no getting around that unless you want to install unsupported software.


dear daniel sir. u got any news about vodafone update 4.2.2???

Daniel Tyson

Nothing as yet Adi,
We’re watching the Vodafone post and nothing has been updated as yet.


M extremely sorry Daniel Tysoe. U didn’t mean that.. Actually I was so harassed from this update by Vodafone.. Becoz it is tooooooooo late. M sorry again.

Daniel Tyson

Adi, there appears to have been a delay in the Vodafone update for the HTC One – I’ve done this post http://ausdroid.net/2013/08/02/android-4-2-2-update-for-the-vodafone-branded-htc-one-delayed/ with the details.


I have HTC One bought from Australia but using in India. its Under Vodafone Network. yet i didnt get any update of 4.2.2 from vodafone. they ae not annoucing and not declaring when they will rollout the update on australian handsets HTC One ..Its too Late. plz do reply and tell us when it will come on HTC One on Australian handsets.

Daniel Tyson

Hi Adi,

You’re all good. The rollout has not yet begun, according to the Vodafone website the rollout of Android 4.2.2 is in a state of ‘Testing complete, review underway.’ But rest assured as long as you have a data connection the HTC One will receive a notification to update as soon as HTC begin pushing the update to Vodafone Australia branded handsets.



Daniel Tyson

We don’t have any direct way of finding this information out. The review could take a couple of days, to a few weeks, it depends on if there are issues found during testing.

I would recommend you contact Vodafone directly to see if they have an idea. They are on Twitter : @vodafoneAU or you can jump on their webpage to see if they have a contact email address for Tech Support.

No need to shout. πŸ™‚


I m not shouting u. . M just asking u ok. U just take a manner from ur mind how to give the answer if anyone ask u about update.. How dare u to say m shouting.. BD


I think Daniel here has been more than courteous in giving you the answer buddy!!!! and you need to learn some manners for sure.

Daniel Tyson

My reference to shouting was your reply was delivered in all CAPS, which on the internet is a way to convey shouting.

As to an update I believe I have given you the best possible answer we have, in a courteous manner as well as giving you avenues to pursue Vodafone as to the availability of the update.


such a rude perso you are Sachin ,,, go back to school and learn to talk and behave ,, they are not responsible people ok


I have HTC One bought from Australia but using in India. its Under Vodafone Network. yet i didnt get any update of 4.2.2 from vodafone. they ae not annoucing and not declaring when they will rollout the update on australian handsets HTC One ..Its too Late. plz do reply and tell us when it will come on HTC One on Australian handsets. my Handset CID Getter is VODAP021..


If I flash the stock HTC image to my Telstra HTC One would I get OTA updates from HTC?


Still waiting on 4g, but I agree. The network especially in the last week or so has been incredibly fast and reliable. Amazing they are getting this update so early since I haven’t even heard about it on American sites. Now happy I didn’t jump ship from Vodafone when I got my HTC One.


haha “vodafail”? well let’s look at what’s happened over the last few weeks; they’ve fixed their network & activated 4G (which I have now as an existing customer), VF have a larger spectrum than all other AU networks & now HD Voice calls for free – works on 2,3 & 4G (htc one, iphone, galaxy s4 etc)
can’t wait for the update, even though the OS is fine right now πŸ™‚

Daniel Tyson

I agree with a number of points but have some clarifications :
They’ve done well over the last couple of weeks and while they’re increasing their coverage, I probably wouldn’t go so far as to say they’ve ‘Fixed’ their network, but it does continue to improve.

The HD Voice Calls acually don’t work on 4G, we don’t have VOLTE(Voice over LTE) here just yet.

But I agree overall, Vodafone as a whole is certainly making great strides towards becoming a much improved player in the Australian Mobile Phone industry.


really! So ppl who bought unbranded HTC ONE don’t get the update 1st only ppl who bought phone off vodafail. I call this bull bc vodafail are just trying to lure ppl on there crap network.


im with vodafone and there lot better then craptus


Yes, because Vodafone are totally the reason the update isn’t out for unbranded phones yet, because they have so much to gain from that.
Besides, Vodafone have a good track record of releasing updates as soon as possible.

Michaela O'Leary

It’ll drop soon, because I’m leaving the country πŸ˜‰


Looks like no one’s with VodaFail? What about Telstra can’t they get it together


Telstra have provided the guestimate that they will have the update (edit, meaning it will be available to customers) by 22nd july: