Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile has today announced their new Android App – My Account – is available to download from Google Play.

The App, which is described in their Google Play description as an ‘initial release’ is primarily a usage meter. The app while fairly basic, does have some necessary features for Virgin Mobile customers, feature wise the My Account App for Android allows you to :

  • Check your Virgin Mobile Australia mobile phone usage on the go.
  • View your postpaid included value, excluded usage, rollover and data.
  • View your prepaid credit and data balance.
  • Switch between multiple mobile services.

The App has the ability to remember your credentials so that you won’t need to enter them into your phone each time, but this also means that anyone with access to your phone can access your Virgin Mobile account details.

The app is certainly very good looking, it has clean interface and incorporates the menu icon. The app also includes a couple of widgets to populate your homescreen to allow you to see at a glance what details you need.

A good start, for Virgin Mobile. Pre-paid customers, would obviously love to see an option to recharge their account on the go which would certainly add benefit for customers, but we’ll have to wait and see what Virgin Mobile has in-store. The app is free to download for devices – including tablets – running Android 2.3 and upwards.

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    Really feeling what they did here. Really meaningful stuff.


    Wow that’s awesome. I ended up writing my own app when I joined cos there was nothing but they’ve done an excellent job on this one. Simple, informative and from the horses mouth.

    You’re on a roll Ausdroid! You’ve led me to several very relative apps this last month I’d have never known about otherwise.

    David Klaverstyn

    I prefer the APP Dwayne Hoy wrote. Much better. I even donated to his cause.


    They may be well behind with the release but at least they’ve done a decent job.

    I expected when I first opened it that I would just find a terrible iOS port or webview but the app is good, fluid, Android Design Guidelines are there and the Widget is useful and well implemented. Multiple account handling seems excellent as well.

    Alexei Watson

    been about 2 years since I was on virgin mobile – At that time the customer support was saying an app was ‘coming soon’.