What three things do you want to see in an Android Device?

First off, thank you all for placing your votes. It’s good to get feedback from the Australian Android community & that feedback will be passed on.

Although the Poll was not in-depth, the idea was to get a overview off what people wanted in general. So read on to see the results!

As the above chart shows:

  • Fast CPU – 54 Votes – 28.6%
  • Multi/Dual Touch – 39 Votes – 20.6%
  • Better Display – 35 Votes – 18.5%
  • Good Camera (5MP+) – 29 Votes – 15.3%
  • HD Video (720p+) – 19 Votes – 10.1%
  • Custom UI’s – 13 Votes – 6.9%

You guys love your fast processors and want more, and we agree! Bring on Snapdragon & Tegra CPUs. Multi Touch also surprisingly high, ascetically pleasing is it? Even more surprising, Custom UI’s (Sense UI, MotoBlur, Rachael) are down the bottom.
Conclusion: We don’t care what it looks like, as long as it’s blazing fast, MT capable, with a crisp screen viewing videos we shot in HD.

Any ideas for next weeks poll??

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    Caleb Johns

    This article is showing its age haha