Over the last few days you may have noticed some of the new additions to the site. I have been working nearly non-stop to try and get it all implemented ASAP, without any noticeable downtime or disruptions. Read on for all the new updates, they’re all very cool features!

3D Phone Views

I have added the 3D Phone Views/Spins that you would normally find on GSMArena. Not all of the phones have this yet, but as soon as GSMArena has them, I’ll also add them. Here’s an example of a 3D Phone Spin.

Phone Screenshots

This feature was implemented not 10 minutes before publishing this post, so only 1 phone has it. But for every phone I review I’ll add screenshots for. A shout out to people who own some of these phones, if you know how to take a screenshot or the device, please take a few dozen of the different features & send them to [email protected].

Phone Plans

You guys have been nagging me for this since.. forever, and here it is. Each phone available on a plan from a carrier(s) will have it’s own plan page just like:

Hope they are what you wanted. Help me keep them updated by leaving a comment on the respective page or email me.

Ausdroid Forum

Last, but not least, the Ausdroid Forum. You guys wanted place to talk about everything Aussie Android, so there’s your place to chat. I have set up a General Chat & App Chat, as well as a forum for each phone available in Aus.

Mobile Site

Ausdroid is 99% Android Device compatible now. Just go to ausdroid.net on your Android Mobile and you’re good to go!

Hope you guys enjoy it. Remember, this is a community site, so your feedback and help is vital! So keep in contact.

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    Thank you, I appreciate having this great repository of australian android news and the community you are growing around this site.

    Sincerely, thank you