Whirlpool user iJoseph_ just got word from a Vodafone Rep that they are getting the Google Nexus One in mid-late June.

Picture proof below:

Good news to ALOT of people who are waiting for the N1 to make it to our shores.

Update 1: It won’t be available outright, only via a plan. There is also a code for $25 credit from Vodafone’s online store: ‘885493’

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I have the Nexus one earlier and I am quite pleased with it and its features and I want to know something more about the applications is it available on Vodafone official site?


I recently bought a Nexus One outright online and I absolutely love it. Australia needs higher end Android phone like the Nexus One to be able compete with the iPhone. Telstra having an exclusivity agreement on the HTC Desire until the end of this year doesn’t help.


Just went onto the vodafone site and the Magic is now listed as out of stock, i think this suggests an imminent replacement… ie the legend!


Well they have released the LG Mini on the VFAU website that is also mentioned at the top of the page in the pic with the list of phones so it look likely Dave 🙂 Hope it’s true


does anyone know a date on the legend?


Oh does anyone know how to get to the Vodafone AU Live Chat because I am sick of waiting for emails from them


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve been waited for ages. Hope it will be headed to Three as well.


Unlikely because it is a Vodafone exclusive even though Vodafone AU and Three AU are one company now



What is your source regarding the comment that the Nexus One won’t be sold outright? Considering that Vodafone UK does sell it on a plan, this doesn’t mean that the Nexus One won’t be available outright. Have a look at the UK google.com/phone site: https://www.google.com/phone/choose?hl=en&gl=GB&s7e=

It’s still available to purchase outright directly through Google. You should clarify this.


john john

took long enough. the iphone will be out around then too.


It was also disappointing that the HTC Desire was exclusive to Telstra for 6 long months.

Hopefully both Three and Vodaphone will flog the Nexus One.

Let’s see if Google allow these two to put crap on their phone like Telstra has done with the Desire. Hopefully Google will take an “Apple no mod allowed” approach!


In think you are being a bit precious – there is very little Telstra stuff on the Desire and all of it can be removed from the idle screens. It is one of the “lightest touch” phones customisation/carrier fricking around that I have seen.


There is quite a lot of discussion about the Telstra version of the HTC Desire on the Whirlpool forums.

The ‘bonus’ Telstra ‘applications’ (or what most people would call website links) can’t be removed without re-flashing the phone. Which means you will always have to scroll though an extra page of useless icons to find the application you actually want to load. Very annoying at the least.


3rd party companies are the abomination of missuse of technology, they should be paying you for your time.

the price is wrong!


Its good that the Nexus One is getting exposure here in Australia, because it will set a benchmark for upcoming smartphones just as it did in the US.

But, the fact it had to be carrier exclusive to do this is a bit disappointing=\


this carrier contracting is abuse of your civil liberties to own technology. personally i see this as another useless necessity you need in your life, it enforces how technology has become essential in your life when you didnt need it in the first place.

the price is wrong!


Great news. I’m like Brent hope its on a 49$ cap….


OMG. I can upgrade in June. Just hope it’s on the $49 cap so i can add just a data pack and i will be fine


Works with me. I like my phones on contract