Update: Vodafone have not cancelled the X10, only delayed it. See Link

Now there has been talk that there is an error with the Xperia X10 on Vodafone, when approached they said they didn’t know when they’d have more stock. Now comes more.. Vodafone have completely pulled the Xperia X10 off both their shelves and website (Link no longer valid). As well as that Three have put a note up on their website (Link) saying that they are out of stock, coincidence? I think not.

There have been a lot of rumours as to why Vodafone got rid of the X10:

  • Software error on the device
  • Conflicting with the Vodafone billing system
  • Pressure from Optus & Telstra

Thanks Simon!

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Honestly this was the only Android phone that I seriously look at, had a great screen. Im kinda sad Vodafone wont be offering this product. Vodafone use to be the Teleco that brought out all the good mobiles now it seems to just rely on iPhones or Blackberry which I have.

I hope we hear more news on why they pulled it 🙁