Remember when we said that the Garmin A10 & Motorola Milestone would be heading to optus? And then when the Garmin A10 came to Optus? Now prepare to get your minds blown.

It has come to Techanist’s attention that Optus have indeed got the Milestone on track for a roll-out this month, in the next week or so in fact.

Now, when launched it will be $0 on the $79 ‘yes’ Cap. We’re unsure if it will be launched as a business phone, therefore on a business cap, or a normal phone, therefore on the normal ‘yes’ Caps. More info about plans after the break!

The $79 business cap comes with:

  • $700 worth of calls
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • 1.5GB of mobile data
  • Huawei E1762 wireless modem free for the first 3 months ($10/mo thereafter)

[Via: Techanist]

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htc incredible

Hey all just discovered the location and thought I might say hello. I like quite a lot of you are ready for my Unbelievable to be shipped. I ordered it on-line on 6/9 and so they hold telling me it will ship this Wednesday 6/30. Fingers crossed that it does this waiting is killing me! I’m soo glad this site could be very informative to me. Thanks


Bring on the Droid X i say.

Tia Porter

*looks at his Milestone he has had on his desk since March, which is on Optus*

lol. Bit late there Optus.

Also, as xtra-sauce has said above, yeah there are some problems with the Milestone. I’m hopeful that they do fix the music issue, but it hasn’t plagued me as much as others it seems.


I for one will not be buying a Motorola Milestone from Optus Reasons: 1) I’ve already owned two this year and they both had software defects with them that only Motorola could fix and knowing Motorola they were never fixed properly. Kinda annoying when you have music that skips when you change cellphone towers and then when that was fixed you have music playing when you take out your headphones and music will start playing throughout the day randomly 2) Since Motorola is incompetent at fixing bug’s the only way to fix them would be to use a different ROM… Read more ยป


Its about time, I have had one since Xmas and it has been a great phone. Motorola has the Droid 2 coming out in July


However Motorola is an American company and the biggest networks in the us use CDMA, verizon and sprint, so it’s a given that CDMA would be the defacto for moto in the us, except for the dext and backflip which went to AT&T. But Noting being able to use voice and data at the same time definately is a disadvantage for CDMA, unlike the coverage advantage you get


I like my Talk and Data at the same time. Arn’t we glad we don’t have CDMA and pretty much all of our carriers started with GSM anyway.


Brentos1236 – it was a 5-6 month exclusive and that started in April so 3-4 months left, if what I’ve heard is correct. Droid 2 I doubt would be released in oz anytime this year, fingers cross we will get the HTC Incredible before the Droid 2, and with it being a Verizon handset, VHA should have the take on that phone.


Haha, they will then have to make Milestone 2 (GSM version of Droid 2?) and then start selling them in the US before they decide to sell it in Aus. Too long to wait.


I think Motorola need to start worrying about the rest of the world that use GSM and forget about the old CDMA that NO one uses


meh this phone is old news… i think optus will learn a lesson when very few aussies jump on this phone…

with the legend, A10, xperia x10, all floating around, i struggle to see why anyone would pay the extra for the milestone/droid!


What do you mean pay extra? It’s on the same plan as X10.

Plus, we can’t really compare the speed based on Ghz or Mhz. You actually need to check the benchmark comparison. The Milestone has a dedicated GPU as well which gives its higher score on Quadrant Standard.

But I’m not sure if this thing will sell after the iPhone 4 hype though. They should have started selling this phone ages ago.


Which one would you choose?

Desire on Telstra (devil) next G network for $79 a month

Droid on Optus 3g network for $79 a month??

Something tells me that 80% of people would choose the Desire… the only advantage that the average person might see on the Droid is the god awful keyboard with it’s dumb D pad… but some people need their tactile keyboard!!

I hate Telstra like the spawn of Satan, but you can’t argue with the speeds and coverage they get!


nope! not buying, not when the new Motorola Droid 2 have been leaked.

Rumored Droid 2 Specs:
Android 2.1 (barring a last minute Froyo intervention)
3.7โ€ณ screen
750MHz OMAP processor
Wi-Fi tethering
8GB internal
8GB SD card preinstalled
Updated keyboard
5MP camera
New version of MOTOBLUR


also it will be with Verizon which is CDMA. Will have to wait awhile for it to be made into GSM


I find it rather unfair that Optus are getting all the Motorola Android phones and all the other carriers are getting are HTC’s which are good but Motorola are solid phones


from the looks of it, Optus have signed quite a large deal with Motorola, they still have some months to go with the MotoBLUR deal and ive heard some very some whispers that after the exclusivity is up, VHA will be on board with the range. However they haven’t sold massively well so they may fiss come agreement time


How much longer is the Motorola/Optus deal for. And i like the sound of VHA getting them. I love Vodafone and never leaving them


$79 stuff that

Kenny Jiong Liao

uugh, thats disappointing. Why is Australia so behind it! Our carriers need to step it up a little and stop being so stingy! Give us more for less! haha.


are you referring to the plans carriers offer? or the time it takes handsets to get to us?


news of the droid 2 today as well… could not agree more Harvz


a 6mthh old phone and they are putting it on the $79 cap. come on guys


This annoucement just blew my face off.


Looks like I am going to buy one from Mobicity. Stinking Optus their 3G network is a fail and they dont even have EDGE.


I live in a Optus 2100mhz area yet i got GPRS on my iPhone even with 3G on and after 6 replacments. I gave up and got a Android on Vodafone