We’ve said for a while that Telstra would be soon using Super LCD displays in the Desire, and then HTC confirmed they’d be manufacturing them.

Now more good news, a source from Telstra has sent us in a picture of the specifications of the Desire being sent out to Telstra Stores this week. And it’s missing one vital word. Hit the break to take a look.

Current/Old Specs

New Specs

Now if only we could get a side-by-side comparison of the actual devices..

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Does anyone have any idea how to change the timing for the HTC Desire power button? It’s so sensitive and easy to turn on. When I accidentally tap it, it just turns back on which pisses me off. You don’t even need to help the button. >__>


Checked the packaging on my Desire bought Monday the 26th, no mention anywhere of AMOLED so I guess I have the super LCD version.
No complaints, screen is much nicer than the iPhone 3GS.


Yes, it is but I made the mistake of having a look at the screen on the iphone 4. This leaves EVERY other phone for dead; it is the most stunning screen I have ever seen. Unfortunately the build of this phone is also in another universe to everything else out there; the experience has quite ruined my plans to get a Desire. I’m praying for a speedy response from those manufacturers using Android as iphone 4 (for all it’s faults) is the most beautiful phone on the planet. That screen….


Well, then don’t look at the screen on the Galaxy S… it will make you cry with its 4″ of superAMOLED.

I personally held them both (iPhone4 and Galaxy S) and the screens are the same level with the Samsung’s being bigger.

Also, where does it say that the Super LCD is uses less battery than the AMOLED? From all I read there it says it’s better than the regular LCD but I haven’t seen anyone comparing them to the AMOLED (or superAMOLED for that matter).


I too have held both the iphone 4 and the galaxy and the res was fairly similar. The iphone may have just clinched it but i couldn’t look at any high res pics on the samsung so can’t really tell. @Ed there have been numerous reports that the new Super LCD screens being used in the desire use less power than the standard AMOLEDs that they are replacing.


what’s with all the ‘hit the break’ links. engadget much?


Ditto. When did this trend start anyway? Am I so inferior in my English language that I have just noticed this trend lately in blogs/website?

When I first read this kind of thing, I was actually looking for a line with a “Page Break” like those found in MS Word. B-D


Had my Desire delivered today.

Has the changed packaging as pictured above. The build number was 1.16.841.1 which matched the released ROM upgrade fro HTC Australia today.


Notice how on the new packaging it just says ‘Android with HTC Sense’ rather than ‘Android 2.1 (Eclair) with HTC Sense’

Is Telstra now shipping some units with FroYo?


Is there any difference in quoted talk and standby time? Or you didnt get that part of the specs?


They both have their pros n cons there is a pretty good review here


but definitely good to have some more HTCs in stock, if only they could have replaced with super AMOLED 🙂


i know but a man can dream!


I wouldn’t necessarily call this good news