The very trustworthy folk over at Techanist have just reported that Optus are looking at getting the HTC Aria, which we think could possibly be renamed to the HTC Liberty (it’s codename) at the reported release time in October.

The HTC Aria features very similar specs (GSM Arena) to the HTC Wildfire that will be released by Telstra on August 24th, and we’re expecting them to be direct opponents. If that is indeed the case, the HTC Aria should be well priced outright to match the $349 offered by Telstra for the Wildfire and also be available on Optus prepaid. The competition is indeed heating up..

Source: Techanist.
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It has a higher res screen, not to mention bigger, which seals the deal for me, as long as the difference between month to month for the plans is less than ten dollars.


oooh, if this does make it to Virgin on a $29 plan, this is my next phone. It takes the Wildfire, and ups the specs in important areas. More memory and, most importantly, a higher res screen 320 x 480 pixels vs 240×320.

Yup, this’d do me nicely I think


Why are there no news of newer HTC devices on VH3 (vodafone/3)?


VHA at least have a couple of HTC android options so far Optus/Virgin have NOTHING!


Could not agree with you more. I like Virgin Mobile for the ability to leave after 6 months with just the Payout of the phone. I am just so tempted to leave due to the lack of HTC offerings. Hopefully this will change starting with the Aria.


Please god!!!! this would almost certainly make it to Virgin as well about @#$%@#%$ time!


Glad to see that Optus has realised the potential of HTC and not let Telstra
lock up all the HTC exclusives.