An anonymous source has sent us in the above photo of a entry-level device that could indeed end up on ‘someones’ shelves. The device itself features a 2.8″ Capacitive Display (320×240), 3.2MP Camera w/ AF, Android 2.2, 528MHz CPU, 512MB ROM, 256MB RAM, HSDPA & A the full ‘with Google’ experience. Our source has said the device is aimed at the prepaid market and could launch for less than $180.

From the looks of the touch-sensitive buttons, it looks like a mini Nexus One. I’m pretty darn’ impressed with the price point for the device, what about you guys? $180 seems great value for a device with those kind of specs.

Update: New picture available after the break.

Source: Anon.
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    Yup looks like the Huawei to me, good to see low, entry level devices getting Froyo


    Less than $180, I’m kinda interested, when is the question?


    So This phone will be similar to the HTC wildfire or maybe the Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 but a tiny bit smaller and a few lesser features and about half the price? These phones sound like good deals to me for an entry level phones which is something I would be after.


    While I wouldn’t want it due to the screen res being too low, and the size being too small for me (I currently have a 3″ touchscreen, and would like a bit bigger)… I applaud the bottom end of Android devices being pushed down further… it can but increase the scope and range of what’s available…

    Hurray for another cheap Android device… hurray and huzzah!


    Here you go, home screen with 2.2 widget and next to a Magic.

    Excuse the irony of the file name. 😛


    Cheap phone that doesn’t look like shit. Win!


    Huawei maybe? Does definitely look htc’ish tho that’s for sure


    I’m testing a similar preproduction device currently for the Australian market. Not kogan or zte.


    Jeez, you kids are hard to please 😛 I’ll post the wifi hotspot screen tomorrow (or another 2.2 only feature?), with a size comparison next to another Android phone.


    *in the morning


    I bought the T-Mobile Pulse in the UK for £179 outright, so the price isn’t unbelievable, especially with the small screen.

    I’d put money on it being a fake though 🙂


    It’s touch screen buttons are identical to Nexus one (my Nexus is sitting to the left of my keyboard), so it’s either a) a HTC device or b) Fake.


    hmm if it has expandable sd slot, might be worth it


    I’m buying! it’s cheap, and will get me through until the EPIC 4G or the Droid2 or DroidX land here.


    You’re right, that’s a great idea. I am waiting for the HTC Evo GSM equivalent to come out. I don’t have an Android phone, and this one will at least allow me to get my training wheels on before I get it.


    Either ZTE or Kogan


    must be ZTE device.


    In this day and age, i would not buy anything with a lower res than 480*320, because when you go any lower, app incompatibilities start emerging. Also it just looks crap.


    Yeah, but remember not everyone is going to spring $700+ for a smart/super phone. That price is ridiculous if it’s running 2.2 – I’d be expecting a resistive screen. Capacitive makes a BIG diff in smaller screen sizes.

    And hell, my CEO’s been ranging round our desks looking at our Nexus Ones and Desires, he loves Android but doesn’t like the big size. If this does native exchange and HSDPA hotspot wifi for under $200??? Forget about it!