Finally, a carrier is really starting to push the Android Platform! Vodafone has just launched an ‘Android Hub’ to help consumers understand what Android is all about, as well as throwing in a few selling points. The Hub covers what Android is, the Android Market, benefits and Vodafone’s list of Android devices (link) which doesn’t appear to include the Nexus One, which we believe is dead & gone.

Source: Vodafone - Android Hub.
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I hope this coincides with a vodafone/3 blitzkrieg on the android market. Maybe a release of the SGS next month would be a good kick off


I just hope it performs better than their www site. Their www site is the slowest site I surfed to in years.


Beaten! πŸ˜›


and that is a really bad photoshop job on the LG Optimus screen they have even taken the menu and back button out


nice idea…

but take for example

Google Shopper listed as one of the apps… but the app is uk/usa only. So perhaps a bit more local content would be a good way to start.