Last night LG had a press launch event, and there they announced the upcoming release of the LG Optimus One which is the bigger (better) brother of the LG Optimus. It features a HVGA 3.2″ capacitive display, 600MHz CPU, Android 2.2 & a 3.2MP camera.

Neerav Bhatt was on the scene to check it out, and said that the Optimus One benchmarked the same as the HTC Desire running 2.1, so this isn’t a slow device, and an even bigger plus, it isn’t a resistive screen like the LG Optimus. The Optimus One will be released on Optus during October for $349 or on low-end caps, and it will also come with a full GPS Kit valued at $99 (Mount, Car Charger, GPS Maps).

This device certainly looks more promising than the original Optimus.

Source: Neerav Bhatt.
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Are we there yet??


There is something about LG mobiles that I just can’t commit myself to buy again. Even with its 600MHz processor


+1 brainbeat. im seriously considering this if its unlocked.. then i can use vha 🙂


also any idea if it supports Multi touch?


Its said to have a capacitive display, so yes it supports multitouch.


thats no always the case though is it? look at the X10


Yeap it supports multi-touch from what i’ve read


It supports the launch press conference on youtube..HTC ARIA was a disappointment …hope this one will be within $29 price range..


if this comes out on the $29 cap, would you rate it over the X10?


This is another interesting low end option. Will the $349 be outright and unlocked?


Finally.. A decent resolution on a cheap device! Also nice to see the inclusion of a maps service that doesn’t use data, especially if it’s going to be prepaid.
Doesn’t say in the article, but is that a vanilla release of 2.2? I hope so!


From the picture, it doesn’t look like vanilla Android. The App icons at the very bottom of the screen are the giveaway 😉 Looks TouchWiz-esque.


Los to be a mostly vanilla ui that lg has slightly revamped to allow app sporting into categories. See this article


Typing Fail!! First word should be ‘looks’ not ‘los’.


Looks to be good value but I can’t help but feel ripped off that LG are not releasing their top tier smartphone first. I hope this isn’t ala Motorola holding back their best for overseas then giving it to us


Oops, cont. giving it to us later on when its way out of date. Hello Moto (Milestone) 🙁


Much better than their original offering. Pricing is quite cheap and if it comes to Virgin on a $29 Cap, i’ll be seriously considering it.