Telstra employee, Andrew Volard, has today confirmed that Telstra & HTC are on track to upgrade the HTC Desire to Android 2.2 (Froyo) within 4 weeks.

A few of you have asked how the update to HTC Desire’s operating system is tracking. I can confirm that we’re set to introduce Android 2.2 (aka FroYo) within the next four weeks. As a background, Telstra always puts its firmware deployments through rigorous network and performance testing — and this takes a little bit of time.

This update has been a big talking point for quite a while, and now we finally have a set date in which to wait for. Excited, Telstra Desire owners?

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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Maybe next month?


So 4 weeks was up yesterday and still no sign of Froyo. Come on Telsta!

Kyle H

Apparently “within a month” means something different to Telstra..


Can’t wait to try it out, I hope the release date is soon.


Hey I’m so new to HTC I’m loving it a lot more then my iPhone. I’M with Vodafone atm got this phone out right and if I go to tmod I can get froyo on It? with out causing problems


T-Mod is very straight forward and, provided you follow the instruction, perfectly safe. If you have even a moderate understanding of computers (in other words, more than me, lol), that knowledge will help you alot…

I’d reccommend you read the instructions…in fact, the entire TMod site…a few times first until you are very familiar with the steps. There is also a thread on Whirlpool that is very, very helpful in performing this task.


…I should add that yes, T-Mod will get you froyo…


I’ll wait for Froyo (finally) from Telstra, if that doesn’t impress I’ll be off to T-Mod land.

News is they are cleaning up their act with all the apps that are basically web-links.


@ Gareth: Mate, I was real unsure about rooting my Desire too, but I can assure you that even this uber-noob had no problems with the process. Just read the steps at T-Mod, read again and then take your time to make sure every step is covered and you will be sweet. It’s actually really simple in hindsight.

As to Telstra finally extracting the digit. Pffft, too late! Rooted phone on T-Mod, with LiveConnected. Love it!


Rooted/Flashed to T-Mod just a couple of days ago, with all the bonuses i would rather it over the Telstra 2.2 any day.




too slow telstra! have already rooted, dumped your crappy bloatware and enjoying a fully featured phone.


About time.

I tried to root my phone months ago but my computer couldn’t see my phone for some reason. Friend did it and she had no problem.


Do you know if other Telstra android phones will get froyo too like the wildfire for example?


If you just bought the phone outright from an online store (the A8181 model) not only does it work without a hitch on other carriers (I’m with 3) but you would have received Froyo OTA a while ago. This only applies obviously if you’re not a Telstra customer but I keep seeing around that people are buying the Telstra branded Desire and getting unlocked. Not only is it a more expensive phone (about $100 more) but then you have to pay for it to be unlocked, then you have to root it if you don’t want to be stuck with… Read more »


Wait, I bought the Desire outright and I’m with 3, does that mean I’ve already got Froyo? How can I tell?



Thanks Buzz, I got it from your mates at Mobicity, and I’m still on 2.1, unless I make the leap to rooting.


I have a Telstra branded desire and not only did it cost me nothing to unlock, it was unlocked when I received it, since I’m using it currently on 3. I also just flashed the stock standard froyo European ROM onto it without a hitch


I just bought the Telstra HTC Desire from for JB HiFi for $650 outright.
I’m also with ‘3’ and had no problems setting it up…wasnt locked to Telstra, just has all their bloatware on it.
@Cameron…the problem you may face with buying to O/S version and using it on 3 is that the O/S version is 2100/900 for data, but 3 uses 2100 and roams to Telstra’s 850 network in rural areas.
This means you may get no data in rural areas using your O/S phone in rural areas.


I cant stand Telstra, Worst phone company to be with.
Their phone bills destroy you and then to fix them, takes money and time from you.

Thats if you realise they robbed you.


I guess it’s too much to ask that we be able to remove Telstra’s stock standard apps. I use very few of them but they soak up valuable space on the phone.

Good news though, and kudos to Telstra!


If you want to root your device, T-Mod will not only remove the Telstra crap but get you Froyo early.


Thanks Douglas. I’m still a bit squeamish about rooting my phone but will not rule it out! Cheers.


That’s ace. Finally a confirmation from our friends at Telstra. Bring on Froyo